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La Mer

La Mer was our After Effects film project for Animation. Although we were very pressed for time, Nicole He and I were still pretty happy with the results. If we had more of a leisurely timeline, I would have smoothed out some of the timing here or there, but from the sounds of the audience […]

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Asset Management

One of the things I wanted to learn most at ITP is the skill of designing assets. I believe animation is completely dependent on the aesthetic and if the assets are weak so too will be the film. Neither Nicole or I are particularly adept fine artists so we needed to find another way to […]

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Singing the Blues

Sita Sings the Blues was one of the saddest, most heart-wrenching films I’ve seen in a while. I’m hesitant to even recommend it because it was so hard to watch. Nina’s pain was visceral in the story, the animation and the musical choices. It was also hard to think about all of that After Effects […]

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The Spin

Stop Motion animation was every bit as time consuming as I expected, BUT it was also very enjoyable and ridiculously cute. First Nicole and I took a trip to Blink for our costumes and production design. We wanted the set to have texture and make the world conform to a particular color palette. This was […]

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Can fruit show emotion? This was a big part of Nicole He and my issue of the week as we tackled storyboarding our project starring fruit as characters. We have decided on only using eyes and eyebrows, but no other facial features. Although I have been a filmmaker for years, this is the first time […]

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