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Fabrication for Dummies

My alien already could carry on a conversation, but I still had to make a little speaker system to go along with him. Even though the coding was the hardest part by far on this project, my lack of fabrication skills made the speaker manufacturing the scariest part in its own way. I had tested […]

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He’s alive… HE’S ALIVE!!!

He finally works!!! Here’s a little video of a conversation with my alien. Extraterrestrial Artificial Intelligence Early Testing from Jamie Ruddy on Vimeo. This is what it took to get him there: This week so far has been completely insane. After catching a few hiccups in the P5 IDE, I moved the code for my […]

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After Effects is my Hero

After spending all of last weekend coding and making little progress, an unexpected solution appeared in animation class. I had gotten my speech to Java Script text to work for my alien interaction, but anything I did with the options to use the sound in code to create a visual was failing me. It seemed […]

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Character Building

There are so many things to figure out when creating an extraterrestrial who can talk back to you. I’m trying not to think about how much I have to solve in a few short weeks! For now I’m taking it one piece at a time because I’m terrified I will not succeed at this. The […]

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Extraterrestrial AI

This week’s work on my final project for the semester proved to be both terrifying and amazing all at once. Since I’m currently in post production on my first Virtual Reality film and looking at delving further into interactive storytelling next semester and possibly indefinitely, creating a final project that is an interactive narrative seemed […]

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Alien BOM

Most of this week has been spent thinking about the story behind my character and the experience. After play testing, I realize directing the line of questioning somewhat would be a great help. The new flow of user experience will be this:  The alien tells you his story at the beginning. Then you get to […]

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Film Strip Tease

The video and sound assignment stumped me for a while. Things like making a juke box or another game that just brought in video and sound elements were really not leaning into the medium. I also spent the entire week on my Virtual Reality film and did not have the time to code yet  another […]

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Close Encounters of the Final Project Kind

Once more, I heard Benedetta’s voice in my head saying it’s all about the user interaction and it made me rethink my first thoughts for a final project. My idea from last week was not strong enough as a user experience nor did it have as much interactive storytelling at its core.  As I brainstormed […]

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The Devil’s Code

The thing I’ve been thinking about most recently in regards to my projects for ITP is how to bring in storytelling. That is my first love and the reason I came to ITP. I want to marry storytelling and filmmaking with technology and explore the world of interactivity. A woman I met through an ITP […]

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Quincy Warhol

The past week my focus has been all about Java Script. In addition to my usual work for ICM, I began Code Academy tutorials and watched numerous amusing videos by the hilarious Dan Schiffman. So, not surprisingly, when the assignment for Visual Language came around, I jumped on the chance to do it in p5.js. […]

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