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What a drag Hackathon

This marks the first hackathon I have ever taken part in – exciting and terrifying all at once. Yan Zhao and I were paired up and given the task to build a simple application with a button on the Arduino that interacted with some sort of design in p5.js. With the limited time and for […]

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Total Recode

This week I revisited “Don’t eat the poo!” with an eye at cleaning up the code, but I also wanted to change a few images. For one thing, I feared the pink color mixed with a tongue made it look a little too much like a skin flick so I changed the background to a […]

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Don’t eat the poo!

Why eat healthy? Because that’s the only way you can win! I was partnered up for this week’s ICM project with the lovely Becca Ricks. we agreed on the premise within minutes of talking about the project. I even convinced Becca to incorporate my favorite emoji of all time, the poo. The only thing worse […]

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Spaceship Animation

Upon approaching this assignment, I thought about generative artwork, but the truth is my brain struggles with that type of concept. I am much stronger at setting a scene or telling a story so I decided to make a cute space animation. The first order of business was creating a sky filled with twinkling stars. […]

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Jed the Emoji

I must admit I was a bit intimidated by my first assignment. Securing a new apartment and moving had eaten up my entire last week and I was left with little time, scarce fine art skills and an apartment without furniture. Then a stroke of genius hit me. I could make an emoji! Since my […]

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