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The Big Box of Death…and Circuitry

There were many labs this week that helped me better understand programming the Arduino. The first was using photosensors to control the sound out of a speaker. After spending much time using the photosensor last week, it was the type of analog sensor I felt most comfortable with. Witness Dhru demonstrate the beauty of the […]

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Day or Night fun with Arduino

I started with the two labs for the week. The first lab involved coding a switch to change between two LEDs on the breadboard. It required the code below.   And setting up the Arduino and the breadboard as pictured in the video. The second lab involved wiring a potentiometer to control the power to […]

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Interactive Kiosk at Hayden Planetarium

I went to the Museum of Natural History in search of interactive kiosks. My friend Angela decided to come along.  We expected to pick one of the dinosaur installations, but a “Send a Video” kiosk at the Hayden Planetarium caught my eye.  My first thought was, “What on earth does a send a video kiosk […]

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The Keychain Light

I started off learning all of the different parts in my Arduino kit. The time spent on this proved endlessly valuable for the rest of the labs. Then I moved on to the labs. A friend happened to have a power source she soldered with a resident so for my first lab, I used her […]

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What is Interaction?

Photo courtesy of Daewoo Physical interaction involves a tool that engages the user in a back and forth like a good conversation. Instead of a person simply listening to a friend complain constantly, a great interaction involves both parties participating equally. The technology version of said conversation is not only triggered once by the user, […]

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