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Can fruit show emotion? This was a big part of Nicole He and my issue of the week as we tackled storyboarding our project starring fruit as characters. We have decided on only using eyes and eyebrows, but no other facial features. Although I have been a filmmaker for years, this is the first time […]

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Film Strip Tease

The video and sound assignment stumped me for a while. Things like making a juke box or another game that just brought in video and sound elements were really not leaning into the medium. I also spent the entire week on my Virtual Reality film and did not have the time to code yet  another […]

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Close Encounters of the Final Project Kind

Once more, I heard Benedetta’s voice in my head saying it’s all about the user interaction and it made me rethink my first thoughts for a final project. My idea from last week was not strong enough as a user experience nor did it have as much interactive storytelling at its core.  As I brainstormed […]

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Crypto Drama: The Language of Light

“I won’t commit!!!” That’s all I keep hearing in my head and I’m trying to beat it down with a stick. Nothing strikes fear in my bones more than committing to an idea I’ve only had a short time to ponder. This week I’ve spent hours developing a multi-platform story – by developing I mean […]

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The Devil’s Code

The thing I’ve been thinking about most recently in regards to my projects for ITP is how to bring in storytelling. That is my first love and the reason I came to ITP. I want to marry storytelling and filmmaking with technology and explore the world of interactivity. A woman I met through an ITP […]

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Merry Midterm Fortunes

For the most part,  the serial communication labs from both last week and this week worked for me without too much of a hitch, but those involved connecting the Arduino to p5.js. For the midterm project, I was assigned to work with Code Master P, Phil Guo and he wanted to do a serial communication without […]

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Nightmare Before the Rainbow

I have always had a thing for spirals… And Tim Burton. Whenever I see a twirling font or an extravagant trim to a metal gate, I think of him. I’d like to believe my predilection came from myself, but I truly don’t know if it predated watching Tim Burton films or was inspired by them. […]

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Serial Explosion

On one hand, I feel like on a rudimentary, logical basis, I understand serial communication, but after the labs and looking over the quiz, I’m not so sure. The labs took a lot more time than expected. The circuitry set up was pretty simple. But as I went through the labs, things grew progressively harder. […]

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Quincy Warhol

The past week my focus has been all about Java Script. In addition to my usual work for ICM, I began Code Academy tutorials and watched numerous amusing videos by the hilarious Dan Schiffman. So, not surprisingly, when the assignment for Visual Language came around, I jumped on the chance to do it in p5.js. […]

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What a drag Hackathon

This marks the first hackathon I have ever taken part in – exciting and terrifying all at once. Yan Zhao and I were paired up and given the task to build a simple application with a button on the Arduino that interacted with some sort of design in p5.js. With the limited time and for […]

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