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To Sign or not to Sign?

The assignment was to find three terrible examples of signs and one fabulous one. Since I often meditate on loving/kindness and am working towards viewing things in a more positive light, I have decided to start with signs that I […]

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Jed the Emoji

I must admit I was a bit intimidated by my first assignment. Securing a new apartment and moving had eaten up my entire last week and I was left with little time, scarce fine art skills and an apartment without […]

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Design Analysis

I was always struck by the visual style of the 2006 animated film, RENAISSANCE, directed by Christian Volckman. The poster shares the same incredible imagery with the film itself. The entire base of the style uses negative space to tell […]

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What is Interaction?

Photo courtesy of Daewoo Physical interaction involves a tool that engages the user in a back and forth like a good conversation. Instead of a person simply listening to a friend complain constantly, a great interaction involves both parties participating […]

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