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Quincy Warhol

The past week my focus has been all about Java Script. In addition to my usual work for ICM, I began Code Academy tutorials and watched numerous amusing videos by the hilarious Dan Schiffman. So, not surprisingly, when the assignment for Visual Language came around, I jumped on the chance to do it in p5.js. […]

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The Flip Side

This assignment terrified me a bit. I have been thinking about how to brand myself during and post ITP for a while now. My background as a writer, filmmaker and director still earns me money and my years spent on it should not be tossed out, but I came to ITP to expand my skill […]

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Chop Shop

As I was going through the different brand logos, more than one caught my eye. Some are iconic, others all pervasive, but I wanted one that was more recent than the age old stalwarts of good branding. This brought me to Uniqlo. Since early childhood, I have had a fascination with Japan and China. This […]

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Expressive Typography

The first part of this assignment was to write my name in six different fonts that were representative of my personality. This led to hours upon hours of perusing and I am still not fully satisfied with my choices. I never found just the right science fiction font! And somehow other fonts that have caught […]

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To Sign or not to Sign?

The assignment was to find three terrible examples of signs and one fabulous one. Since I often meditate on loving/kindness and am working towards viewing things in a more positive light, I have decided to start with signs that I like. Two struck me for completely different reasons so I decided to post both of […]

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Design Analysis

I was always struck by the visual style of the 2006 animated film, RENAISSANCE, directed by Christian Volckman. The poster shares the same incredible imagery with the film itself. The entire base of the style uses negative space to tell the story. The characters are only seen in black and white, light and shadow. The […]

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