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Conversations from the Transition Bathroom

My greatest interest in AI centers around language. I have used keywords to feign for language understanding and branching narrative to continue with character development and story. ┬áBoth methods are effective at giving the appearance of seamless conversation or narrative, but neither could learn. I have done only a little bit of research on markov […]

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Generative Logo

For the generative logo assignment, I wanted to choose a brand with a strong identity, but with enough different products to truly utilize a generative logo. Since I love tea and drink a lot of Twinings, I chose the Twinings brand. The one thing I didn’t realize when I made this decision is that their […]

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Authoring AI

My fascination for a long time with Machine Learning is connected to both building character personalities and structuring words correctly. Can a machine learn to write sentences that make sense? Even if it cannot think, can it think in it’s own way enough to make sense to us? Long form structure I understand is very […]

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Book Cover

This week’s assignment was to design a book cover. Although I haven’t had to time to edit my novel, I had to take a crack at my own. China: Kingdom at the Center of the World is speculative fiction set in 1854 China. The look of the world is far from what I would consider […]

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The Perceptron

This week we coded a perceptron. I will have much more to say about this in the future, but writing the first piece of code that allows a machine to learn — with Patrick’s help — was awesome. My python is not up to it yet, but with the end of Intro to Fabrication — […]

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Cardboard Airplane

I really intended to play with gears for this project. It has been an obsession of mine for a while that I never quite have the time to explore. Unfortunately, this was another missed opportunity, BUT I am happy with this little project as well. Even though I started searching for parts early, I did […]

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Tense Color

For this assignment, we were supposed to do a design that captured the feeling of tension depending on the color palette chosen. On certain color choices, the design should succeed where with other colors the design would fail. Since Rune mentioned those of us with exacting designs should try to be more experimental, I took […]

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Copper Cuff

I spent a long time pondering this one. I had fantasies of polished wood and brass, ideas for mobiles and walls of light, but I spent a lot of time this summer building wearables for The Mill so it was not completely surprising when a copper and leather cuff sprung to mind. This lead to […]

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Victorian Light Box

It happened. I’m almost embarrassed to say it, but I fell in love with the laser cutter. Although there are many other tools I want to explore, this popped in my head and I had to explore it. This summer I built an interactive photo booth for The Mill. The image was based on the […]

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Sharp Wet

This week we were asked to create an image with an object representing the concept “wet” and an object representing the concept “sharp”. With my filmmaker roots, I tend to create exact frames I design in my head. Rune called me out. He suggested since my natural tendencies are closer to illustrations to make an […]

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