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Conversations from the Transition Bathroom

My greatest interest in AI centers around language. I have used keywords to feign for language understanding and branching narrative to continue with character development and story. ┬áBoth methods are effective at giving the appearance of seamless conversation or narrative, but neither could learn. I have done only a little bit of research on markov […]

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Authoring AI

My fascination for a long time with Machine Learning is connected to both building character personalities and structuring words correctly. Can a machine learn to write sentences that make sense? Even if it cannot think, can it think in it’s own way enough to make sense to us? Long form structure I understand is very […]

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The Perceptron

This week we coded a perceptron. I will have much more to say about this in the future, but writing the first piece of code that allows a machine to learn — with Patrick’s help — was awesome. My python is not up to it yet, but with the end of Intro to Fabrication — […]

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Understanding Netflix and Amazon Under the Hood

How does coding work to place recommendations to potential customers? How does Netflix know whether or not they should suggest you a movie? How does Amazon recommend similar products based on users similar to you? This is the focus of the first reading from Programming Collective Intelligence┬áby Toby Segaran. Before I even reached this part […]

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Encode Me

As mind blowing as reading about vectors and matrices are, the academic paper, Mechanical Intelligence, by Alan Turing was the most incredible. To think he was brilliant enough to not only understand the mathematics, but also to predict so many things in the 1940s that have partially or fully come to fruition is insane. This […]

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