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Water Color on Wood

Before this class, I had used the laser cutter on numerous occasions for prototyping with cardboard, engraving acrylic and cutting holes in housing for circuitry. I spent a lot of time this summer making physical things for the first time professionally — make that the first time I spent large quantities of time designing physical […]

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Understanding Netflix and Amazon Under the Hood

How does coding work to place recommendations to potential customers? How does Netflix know whether or not they should suggest you a movie? How does Amazon recommend similar products based on users similar to you? This is the focus of the first reading from Programming Collective Intelligence┬áby Toby Segaran. Before I even reached this part […]

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Mightier than the Miter Saw

I was determined to conquer my fear of the saw this week. The assignment was making multiples and this seemed like the perfect one for wood-working. My first thought was to make a series of wooden coasters and use the router to make a repeatable design. I love the look of wood when the top […]

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The Martian — a minimalist film poster

The assignment this week was to create a minimalist movie poster for The Martian using only simple shapes — rectangle, ellipse, triangle and lines — AND keep it limited to black and white. Here is the final poster: The assignment focused in on the relationships of shapes, space and movement. Our assigned reading — two […]

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Encode Me

As mind blowing as reading about vectors and matrices are, the academic paper, Mechanical Intelligence, by Alan Turing was the most incredible. To think he was brilliant enough to not only understand the mathematics, but also to predict so many things in the 1940s that have partially or fully come to fruition is insane. This […]

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Flower Power Circa 1988

Since I made a cute little key light last year in physical computing, I felt a traditional flashlight was a little too close to my previous work so I wanted to go in a different direction. Let’s imagine the idea of a “flashlight” to be loosely defined as a light that could be carried in […]

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Adventures with a Sugar Cone

  Our assignment was to draw an ice cream cone using code where we could only draw one ellipse, one triangle and one rectangle AND we were limited to using only black and white. Although I believe my beautiful sugar cone looks fabulous, it is not coded the way I fantasized. After spending much time […]

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