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A Difficult Yet Necessary Evening

After reading the essay, “Justification of Putting the Audience Through a Difficult Evening” by Wallace Shawn, I am dying to read Aunt Dan and Lemon, the play it is referencing. The piece struck such a chord with me it’s hard to decide where I should begin. My obsession with this type of material has been […]

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Poltergeist Pizza

For our projection mapping assignment, Nicole He and I found some empty pizza boxes around the floor. Who doesn’t love pizza? And Nicole’s website is Nicole.pizza so we decided a pizza box was the perfect object. Instead of projecting a final slice, teasing the viewer that there is in fact pizza left, Nicole and I […]

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Einstein’s Dreams

I must confess, I read more of Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman than I was assigned. For those of you who have never read it, Lightman’s novel fictionalizes Albert Einstein’s dreams during the period of time he worked as a patent clerk in Switzerland and pondered his Theory of Relativity. To me, the book felt remarkably […]

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Duck and Cover!

For our midterm projects the requirements were pretty lax. We simply needed to create an illusion that was location specific to a precise spot at 721 Broadway. Many ideas abounded, but the one that caught us up was choosing something that was truly specific to a location — not one that just so happens to […]

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I Spy…Isadora?

For some reason Isadora immediately made met think about Hitchcock’s Rear Window. I suspect it was sparked by the in class demonstration when Andrew showed how Isadora can be used to make many tiny duplicate video frames play simultaneously on a single stage. Each little frame is like a window into its own story. This is […]

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Searching Til There’s Nothing Left

SEARCHING TIL THERE’S NOTHING LEFT (Response to excerpts from Seeing is Forgetting the Name of the Thing One Sees) Robert Irwin is truly the perfect reading for a class on nothing. He searched and searched until he discovered art is not an object but rather the experience itself – an illusion. I related to his pursuit […]

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F for Fake

F FOR FAKE My first thoughts on the film were how self-reflexive it is. I loved watching the footage through the Moviola and the numerous times you see Welles step out of frame to reveal the lights and the crew. It was a constant reminder that what you’re seeing is not real. And then when […]

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