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I Spy…Isadora?

For some reason Isadora immediately made met think about Hitchcock’s Rear Window. I suspect it was sparked by the in class demonstration when Andrew showed how Isadora can be used to make many tiny duplicate video frames play simultaneously on a single stage. Each little frame is like a window into its own story. This is […]

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Design Verses Usability

A few quick thoughts on UX design mid our eCommerce project. I realized that designing from the perspective of the user experience was great until suddenly we needed one more button than I found visually pleasing. Design and usability are far from being at complete odds with each other, but it does add another hurdle […]

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Searching Til There’s Nothing Left

SEARCHING TIL THERE’S NOTHING LEFT (Response to excerpts from Seeing is Forgetting the Name of the Thing One Sees) Robert Irwin is truly the perfect reading for a class on nothing. He searched and searched until he discovered art is not an object but rather the experience itself – an illusion. I related to his pursuit […]

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Subway Mate

SUBWAY MATE PROBLEM: My partner, Sicong, lives in New Jersey. She commutes into New York often, but not often enough to buy unlimited metrocards. Sicong has trouble remembering if she has money left on her card and often ends up at entrances to the subway that do not have MTA machines. Since Sicong is from […]

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A Choice

A CHOICE This semester early on I made a choice to take Narrative Game Studio with Clara Fernandez-Vara over Directing VR class. Although I am very interested in Virtual Reality, the class focused on 360 video and filmmaking and did not touch on Unity3D or any substantial interactivity. After shooting the 360 video part of […]

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Lost Bear

LOST BEAR   For our first homework assignment, we needed to find an object that tells a story. My choice was a lost teddy bear.   WHY IS IT COMPELLING? The reason I picked a lost bear is there’s inherently a story to it. When I was seven years old, the night before my birthday […]

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“Your website should be a mensch” – Steve Krug

“YOUR WEBSITE SHOULD BE A MENSCH” – STEVE KRUG   Steve Krug delivered exactly what he claimed he would in Don’t Make Me Think. He warned that so much of what he said would seem obvious after we read it. And he was right. There was nothing in the book that didn’t immediately ring true […]

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F for Fake

F FOR FAKE My first thoughts on the film were how self-reflexive it is. I loved watching the footage through the Moviola and the numerous times you see Welles step out of frame to reveal the lights and the crew. It was a constant reminder that what you’re seeing is not real. And then when […]

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