Most of this week has been spent thinking about the story behind my character and the experience. After play testing, I realize directing the line of questioning somewhat would be a great help. The new flow of user experience will be this: ┬áThe alien tells you his story at the beginning. Then you get to ask three questions and then a narrative interruption happens – scripted by yours truly – that gives you an ending. It’s a mini three act structure. I don’t want to tip my hand yet and not everything has been figured out so I’ll leave the story part here for now.

All of that said, I still want to know what people would most like to ask to better flesh out the character and the answers so I emailed the ITP list a google questionnaire tonight. We’ll see if I get many responses!

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 9.38.04 PM

And after going through the parts I would need to build the physical aspects, I realize that nothing is that hard to find or very expensive to purchase except for one piece – the walkie talkie housing! I can get a blue tooth mic for not too much money and the rest is pretty straightforward, but my fabrication skills are not up to snuff yet to design the device. I also would rather spend my time working on the story and the experience. SO I’m left searching the far corners of the internet for my perfect walkie talkie housing! Any suggestions of good places to look will be much appreciated!

And this project is also doubling as my ICM final project so there will be a much longer post in the next day or two talking a bit more about research and coding.