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Cardboard Airplane

I really intended to play with gears for this project. It has been an obsession of mine for a while that I never quite have the time to explore. Unfortunately, this was another missed opportunity, BUT I am happy with […]

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Copper Cuff

I spent a long time pondering this one. I had fantasies of polished wood and brass, ideas for mobiles and walls of light, but I spent a lot of time this summer building wearables for The Mill so it was […]

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Victorian Light Box

It happened. I’m almost embarrassed to say it, but I fell in love with the laser cutter. Although there are many other tools I want to explore, this popped in my head and I had to explore it. This summer […]

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Water Color on Wood

Before this class, I had used the laser cutter on numerous occasions for prototyping with cardboard, engraving acrylic and cutting holes in housing for circuitry. I spent a lot of time this summer making physical things for the first time […]

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Mightier than the Miter Saw

I was determined to conquer my fear of the saw this week. The assignment was making multiples and this seemed like the perfect one for wood-working. My first thought was to make a series of wooden coasters and use the […]

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Flower Power Circa 1988

Since I made a cute little key light last year in physical computing, I felt a traditional flashlight was a little too close to my previous work so I wanted to go in a different direction. Let’s imagine the idea […]

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