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Generative Logo

For the generative logo assignment, I wanted to choose a brand with a strong identity, but with enough different products to truly utilize a generative logo. Since I love tea and drink a lot of Twinings, I chose the Twinings […]

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Book Cover

This week’s assignment was to design a book cover. Although I haven’t had to time to edit my novel, I had to take a crack at my own. China: Kingdom at the Center of the World is speculative fiction set […]

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Tense Color

For this assignment, we were supposed to do a design that captured the feeling of tension depending on the color palette chosen. On certain color choices, the design should succeed where with other colors the design would fail. Since Rune […]

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Sharp Wet

This week we were asked to create an image with an object representing the concept “wet” and an object representing the concept “sharp”. With my filmmaker roots, I tend to create exact frames I design in my head. Rune called […]

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The Martian — a minimalist film poster

The assignment this week was to create a minimalist movie poster for The Martian using only simple shapes — rectangle, ellipse, triangle and lines — AND keep it limited to black and white. Here is the final poster: The assignment […]

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Adventures with a Sugar Cone

  Our assignment was to draw an ice cream cone using code where we could only draw one ellipse, one triangle and one rectangle AND we were limited to using only black and white. Although I believe my beautiful sugar […]

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