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Light Box — Miniature Interior

With this project, I wanted to take the light box further and try to figure out the next stage in product design interiors — how to make it as small as possible to have it self-contained, fully functional and more […]

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Around the Clock 80’s

On this assignment, I took Tom Igoe’s advice and first thought through the interaction before starting with the circuitry. We needed to build a physical music player that could be operated by a blind person — basically the six functions […]

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My Sensor Report from Tangible Interactions Website

Description The stretch sensor is a polymer component that changes resistance when stretched. It is an analog variable resistant component that can be wired similarly to a potentiometer, but offers a very different interaction. The user stretches the rubberband-like component […]

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Light Box Part Deux

Our assignment this week was to build a lighting controller. Since I loved the light box I made for intro to fabrication and always wanted to play with expanding it and creating different versions of it, I decided to use […]

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Game Controller — a lesson in troubleshooting

The assignment was to build a game controller to operate Atari’s Lunar Lander. Nothing about it seemed too complicated — simple circuitry, a bit of code and housing for the board, circuit and buttons. On Sunday I built the circuit […]

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