As mind blowing as reading about vectors and matrices are, the academic paper, Mechanical Intelligence, by Alan Turing was the most incredible. To think he was brilliant enough to not only understand the mathematics, but also to predict so many things in the 1940s that have partially or fully come to fruition is insane. This is the class I was most excited to take and it is not letting me down.

This class is my introduction to Python and our first assignment was to build a Run-length encoder in Python. I definitely struggled on this project. My first version of the code did not work, but was along some of the right lines.



This code only spit out an empty [] at the end. I spent some time digging into Python and getting a feel for the language, but I wanted to know I was on the right track. Instead of spinning my wheels indefinitely, I set office hours with Patrick. With his help, I was able to build the code that finally ran.