For our projection mapping assignment, Nicole He and I found some empty pizza boxes around the floor. Who doesn’t love pizza? And Nicole’s website is so we decided a pizza box was the perfect object. Instead of projecting a final slice, teasing the viewer that there is in fact pizza left, Nicole and I decided to go for a creepier approach — the possessed pizza! Low and behold our Poltergeist Pizza. Unfortunately it is way too dark! Next time we need a brighter video for the projection or a brighter projector.



After spending hours staring at the strange squares on the wall in our class room, we decided that was the location for our other projection mapping experiment. We decided to make them appear like windows looking out on a winter wonderland — or simple a blizzard. It depends on how much you want to read into it. It also gives me flashbacks to playing with particle system snow effects for a Google Cardboard game a few weeks ago, but I do think the effect is quite good. And it works better in the darkness our the room than our slightly too dark haunted pizza!