On one hand, I feel like on a rudimentary, logical basis, I understand serial communication, but after the labs and looking over the quiz, I’m not so sure. The labs took a lot more time than expected. The circuitry set up was pretty simple.


But as I went through the labs, things grew progressively harder. The code at first was short and straight forward, but as it grew longer and longer, although I understood the logic, I do not think I could ever duplicate it without looking it up once more.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 9.45.39 PM

I struggled debugging code because it simply would not work. Then I finally cut and pasted it and it still did not work. That’s when I found myself shutting down and reopening programs. That finally did the trick. And once or twice ensuring that I had shut down the port from one program before trying to use it from another. All of the labs eventually worked, but they were more problematic than expected.

Then I switched over to looking at the quiz and I quickly realized that I will really struggle doing it off the top of my head. One question, “How does the Arduino serial monitor interpret and display incoming serial data?” I’m not even sure the answer after searching for it.  I am going over all of the information once more before I take the quiz for real, but I think to make sure it has all sunk in, I want to come by for office hours. I do think on some level I’m understanding everything, but not at the level I want to be… At least not yet.