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mPower Me — The Full UX Process

ELEVATOR PITCH: Ever wonder why Prius drivers are the most annoying drivers on the road? It’s because once there’s a live feed of the miles per gallon, the game of getting the best MPG outweighs speedy driving. I can confirm this because I own one. Now imagine a live feed of energy use at home? […]

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The Prius Effect

This week I spent some time emailing back and forth with Andrew Milmoe at GE Digital. He gave me options of things to use for my UX project. The project I found that might be most useful was a system that turns data streams from all over the world into a singular measurement system to […]

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Energy Measurement Project

As work for our final project, Joakim and I worked on some measurements connected to water and energy. Here are the slides from our power point presentation:  

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UX at GE Digital

  Andrew Milmoe came to speak at NYU ITP this week about interaction design at GE Digital. The UX of the type of systems he works on is pretty incredible. Since we need to build a UX project about anything that we want, why not do it for something interesting, difficult and real? I immediately […]

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A Difficult Yet Necessary Evening

After reading the essay, “Justification of Putting the Audience Through a Difficult Evening” by Wallace Shawn, I am dying to read Aunt Dan and Lemon, the play it is referencing. The piece struck such a chord with me it’s hard to decide where I should begin. My obsession with this type of material has been […]

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Poltergeist Pizza

For our projection mapping assignment, Nicole He and I found some empty pizza boxes around the floor. Who doesn’t love pizza? And Nicole’s website is Nicole.pizza so we decided a pizza box was the perfect object. Instead of projecting a final slice, teasing the viewer that there is in fact pizza left, Nicole and I […]

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UX of Everything

After completing a large UX project for  Hudson River Foundation, it got me thinking about UX Design outside of simple web and mobile applications. As interesting as it has been learning how to test usability in regards to these mediums, I am interested in the UX of more complex things. Since attending ITP, I have […]

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Einstein’s Dreams

I must confess, I read more of Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman than I was assigned. For those of you who have never read it, Lightman’s novel fictionalizes Albert Einstein’s dreams during the period of time he worked as a patent clerk in Switzerland and pondered his Theory of Relativity. To me, the book felt remarkably […]

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Water + Light = Life

Water + Light = Life is a water filter that powers a light. Joakim and I talked a lot about ideas for this project. Although I would love to create something that truly makes a difference on the grid, I doubt in the next 7 weeks we could design the battery to end all batteries […]

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Your Hudson + Harbor UX Design

Your Hudson + Harbor is a new non-profit organization birthed from the merger of the Hudson River Foundation and the Harbor Estuary Program. Together the two NGOs focus on developing scientific research, providing leadership, integrating and disseminating information and coordinating efforts to solve complex environmental issues facing the Hudson River and Estuary. The combined forces […]

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