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This week was one of those assignments that immediately popped into my head. This is a fabulous and dangerous thing for me because once I have a vision, I HAVE to do it! The assignment was to create our own […]

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Kinetic Energy Experiment

Kinetic Energy Project NYU ITP from Jamie Ruddy on Vimeo. The Experiment: To build a kinetic project that created the most energy in the form of light. PEDAL TO POWER My first thought for this project was immediately a stationary […]

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F for Fake

F FOR FAKE My first thoughts on the film were how self-reflexive it is. I loved watching the footage through the Moviola and the numerous times you see Welles step out of frame to reveal the lights and the crew. […]

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Quincy Warhol

The past week my focus has been all about Java Script. In addition to my usual work for ICM, I began Code Academy tutorials and watched numerous amusing videos by the hilarious Dan Schiffman. So, not surprisingly, when the assignment […]

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