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Your Hudson + Harbor UX Design

Your Hudson + Harbor is a new non-profit organization birthed from the merger of the Hudson River Foundation and the Harbor Estuary Program. Together the two NGOs focus on developing scientific research, providing leadership, integrating and disseminating information and coordinating efforts to solve complex environmental issues facing the Hudson River and Estuary. The combined forces […]

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Solar Robot!

This project was one of the most enjoyable experiments I worked on this semester. I mean, how could it not be? I have wanted to build a robot since birth and there’s definitely something intriguing about photovoltaics. Put together the two things and we have the makings of a super fun project! Joakim Quach — […]

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Ninja VR

Good news!!! Since my last post, I did in fact solve the final iOS developer hiccup. With the help of Shawn Van Avery, I found the last little box to check to make the Xcode launch apps onto my phone. There was a little box that needed to be switched once more from JamieRuddy to NewYorkUniversity. […]

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Duck and Cover!

For our midterm projects the requirements were pretty lax. We simply needed to create an illusion that was location specific to a precise spot at 721 Broadway. Many ideas abounded, but the one that caught us up was choosing something that was truly specific to a location — not one that just so happens to […]

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Research, Research, Research and Analysis

I would say the number one surprising thing that occurred to me this week about UX Design is the importance of research and analysis. Before now, I understood everything was based on testing and iteration, but the artist in me still felt the initial ideas were more or less creative. Not to say UX is […]

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Adventures in Cardboard

I am determined to build a cardboard game for my final project. This week we were supposed to do a small project that connects to an outside device. At first it seemed as simple as downloading the Google Cardboard SDK, but since I have an iPhone, it’s not that easy.  I needed to become an […]

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Hudson River Foundation

UX design this week got a whole lot more interesting. For our next project, we are working with a real client, Hudson River Foundation. We heard directly from the client in class and were able to ask numerous questions clearing up their tastes and needs. Although they are strong with their base — scientists, researchers […]

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Kinetic Energy Experiment

Kinetic Energy Project NYU ITP from Jamie Ruddy on Vimeo. The Experiment: To build a kinetic project that created the most energy in the form of light. PEDAL TO POWER My first thought for this project was immediately a stationary bike with a motor hooked up to it. The more you peddle, the more energy […]

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E Commerce: Adventures in Toyland

This project was as much an adventure in information architecture as it was in learning Axure! Fortunately both proved to be worth while endeavors.   After reading the brief for Little Einstein Toy store, the first order of business was figuring out how to categorize and search the inventory. It is, after all, an information […]

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Fabulous Fireworks aka Struggling with Particle Systems

When we built the beginnings of fireworks in class, I found myself endlessly tweaking them to make them “pretty.” Although I’m currently into game design, I knew the firework aesthetic struck a chord in me more than the pong game so I decided to build on it. I have also been longing to play with […]

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